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This information is for artists, vendors and food vendors for Apple Day 2023

Vendor Information



General Event Information

Dates: September  16-17, 2023

Times (subject to change)

Load-In: Saturday, September 16 from 6 AM - 9 AM  

Saturday, September 16 from 10 AM- 10 PM, option to close at 6 PM

Sunday, September 17 from 10 AM- 4 PM

Load-Out: Sunday, September 17 from 4 PM-7 PM

  • Load-in/out help from volunteers, please let us know ahead of time for special accommodations   
  • Booths are arranged in a quad, therefore every artist will have two external-facing sides 
  • Overnight security 
  • Booth sitters
  • A nametag, flag, and program will be given to you during fire inspection 
  • Vendor parking in Excelsior Elementary Lot



Applications open February 18, 2023. Applications are open to everyone, except for organizations selling or promoting services (newspapers, roofing, windows, etc). These organizations must sponsor to be included in the event area.

The Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce announces the 85th Annual Excelsior Apply Day. We are excited to announce that this year's event will be a two-day event from September 16-17, Saturday thru Sunday. Excelsior Apple Day is a lakeside festival celebrating community, featuring locally produced food, art, antique handicrafts and a good old-fashioned street dance.

We are excited to welcome:

  • 70+ Exhibitors in a variety of media
  • Lakes Area Realty Happy Apple Kids' Corner
  • Live Music on the Apple Day Stage
  • Beer and Wine Tent
  • Local Food Vendors

The historic lakeside village of Excelsior draws visitors from across Minneapolis/St. Paul area and beyond with its unique shops, galleries, and restaurants. Excelsior Apple Day is set up in the middle of Water Street, between the streets of Lake and Third.


Single Booth Fee (10' x 10'): $200

Double Booth Fee (20' x 10'): $375

Application Fee (non-refundable): $15

Food Vendor: please visit the application

  • Exhibitors must provide their own tent.  Space allows for a 10' x 10' or 20' x 10' tent
  • This is an outdoor event, weather can be inclement, so plan accordingly
  • Weighted tents of 35+ lbs per leg are required and booth inspections by the Excelsior Fire Department are mandatory. More information will be sent upon acceptance.
  • It is required that booths stay in place and are manned by the exhibitor for the entirety of posted hours. Exhibitors who break down displays or depart before closing time jeopardize participation in future Excelsior Apple Day events. 

Promotional Benefits:

  • Exhibitor name, website, and booth number listed on the Excelsior Apple Day website
  • Each exhibitor's work is featured on the Excelsior Apple Day Facebook page prior to the start date
  • Exhibitors are provided marketing support in local print media, Facebook, Twitter and Excelsior Apple Day website
  • Email blast to distribution list of 6,000+ residents and shoppers in the Twin Cities Metro Area

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a juried event, however, artists and vendors are chosen at the discretion of the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber staff. Not all applicants are guaranteed acceptance.



2/18: Applications open

7/31: Applications close

8/4: Applicants are notified of the acceptance

8/14: Booth fees due



Exhibitors will be given strict directions for loading in and loading out.  Please look for instructions to be sent closer to the event date, and adhere to them in order to keep the process running as smoothly as possible. Volunteers will be present to help direct you to your setup location. Our load-in will take place in the morning of September 16.


Weather can change quickly in the downtown Excelsior area. The Chamber will be in close consultation with the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department, and in case of inclement weather, you will be notified in person or by text message of our procedure.  When a weather call is made please follow protocol and we will do our best to help you load out safely.  

The weather radar we will be watching is NOAA, all decisions will be made based on their radar. 

Cancellation Clause:

Accepted exhibitor cancels within 60 days of show or is a no-show: 0% refund

Rain date: There will be no "rain date" and fees will not be refunded in the case of inclement weather.

In accordance with the agreement, the applying Exhibitor:

  1. Agrees to indemnify, defend, protect and hold harmless the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce, the City of Excelsior, sponsors, proprietors of location, and all their associates for any personal injury, loss, or damages to him/herself or any property loss or damages of any nature suffered by any person, exhibitors, and especially the attendees while within the exhibitor’s space or caused by the exhibitor. Exhibitors shall carry its’ own general liability insurance. A certificate of insurance, showing this insurance is valid at the event site and on the dates of the event,including set up, must be provided to the promoter no less than 1 month prior to the start of the event. Vendors may not assign their contract for exhibit space or permit any other person to use part of said space.
  2. Agrees to hold harmless the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce, the City of Excelsior, sponsors,proprietors of the location, and their associates for any merchandise lost, stolen or broken.
  3. Agrees that, should an accident occur within the exhibitor’s space caused by the exhibitor’s displays, products, or unsafe conditions, the exhibitors will be held liable. The exhibitor agrees to save and hold harmless the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce, the City of Excelsior, sponsors, proprietors and all said associates from liability resulting in such accidents.
  4. Agrees to read and be responsible for complying with all the rules and regulations in this contract.
  5. Is responsible for product liability and accurate representation of products offered for sale.

Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to terminate this contract if, upon arrival, the vendor is displaying and/or selling items not described prior to acceptance.

Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to formulate additional rules and regulations, if necessary for the betterment of Apple Day.

Apple Day and its brand are the property of the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce.






































Apple Day Program
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